Club Competitions

The Thrall Bowl

The Thrall Bowl was presented in 1973, in memory of Helen G. Thrall, to stimulate knowledge and love of gardening among the members. The bowl will be awarded each year to the member receiving the highest number of points for the year’s horticultural competition. Any member who has won the Thrall Bowl three times, retires from competition (R), but may exhibit at any time.
Scale of points for awarding Bowl: 1st – 6, 2nd – 4, 3rd – 3, H.M. – 2. Every entry receives 1 point.

The Thrall Bowl Competition 
Directions for Thrall Bowl competitions are as follows: 
• All plant material entered in any class must have been grown by the exhibitor for 3 months. For fall and spring competitions, plants must have been grown outside. 
• Cut specimens are to be displayed in clear glass.
• Container–grown plants must have been grown by the exhibitor for at least three (3) months. Exceptions include: multiple plantings such as terrariums and dish gardens, which must have been grown together, by the exhibitor, for at least six (6) weeks.
• Potted specimens to be displayed in a plain pot. 
• Exhibitors may submit only one entry in any class or subclass; however, different varieties or colors of a particular genus arepermissible and encouraged.
• Exhibitors provide three (3) look alike small blooms, same variety for small flowers (less than1inch) and minor bulbs; one bloom for large flowers and major bulbs. 
• All specimens are to be clearly labeled and exhibited in a clear glass container in scale with the stems and provided by the exhibitor. 
• Water must be clean. 
• All leaves are to be removed from below the rim of the glass container. Wedging with plastic wrap is permitted. 
• Unobtrusive staking is permitted. 
• Fruits and vegetables are to be displayed on a paper plate tobe provided by the Horticulture Committee. 
• Collections should be specimens that are different and a variety of sizes, forms and color are encouraged.
• If several stems of one variety or genus are exhibited thereshould be uniformity of size, stem length, color, maturity and form.
• Infairness to all members, entries must be labeled and in place at the time indicated on the schedule.
Members should read the orange Horticultural Handbook for additional information on entering competitions or call members of the Horticulture Committee for further help. Plant material may be entered in The Thrall Bowl Competition for display only if the owner does not want her entry to be judged for points. Entry forms for Thrall Bowl Competitions will be included with the Green Sheet as an attachment before each competition. This enables people to prepare entry information ahead of time as well as facilitating the placement process on the day of the competition.

The Sweet Tray Competition

Presented in 1974 in memory of Elizabeth L. Sweet, for excellence and inspiration in the art of flower arranging, the tray will be awarded each year to the member who received the highest number of points for the years’ competitions entered in Class III. Only one entry per person may be judged for points. Each competition will have three classes: Class I for beginners, Class II for those holding more than 3 points from the previous years’ Sweet Tray Competitions, and Class III for any Blue Ribbon winners from Class II of previous years. Class assignments are for the calendar year of competitions. New participants will be assigned to either class I or II based on prior experience. Any mem- ber who has won the Sweet Tray 3 times retires from competition, but may exhibit at any time and receive judges’ comments on their entries. Scale of points for awarding the Sweet Tray: 1st = 6, 2nd = 4, 3rd = 3, H.M. = 2. Best in Show = 1 point. Every entry receives 1 point.
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